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The University of Kigali encourages their graduates to stay in touch through a wide variety of alumni programmes, reunions, and career resources. The Alumni Association of the University of Kigali is the most ardent and loyal support of the UoK advancement activities.

As a new student, you will walk onto UoK’s campus with wide-eyed ambition, and you will walk o with connections to over 8,000 UoK alumni who lead organizations around the continent. No matter how far your career winds blow you, the relationships you make with classmates, faculty, and alumni will stay with you for life. With reunions and events on and o campus, conferences around the region, and lifelong opportunities for learning, we make keeping in touch with UoK folks easier than remembering to oss.

Thanks to being small, our alumni community is dedicated and active, meaning alumni are genuinely excited to respond to students’ requests and give back what UoK gave to them. 


Congratulations to the graduating class of 2018!!!

Please fill in the Intent to Graduate form and submit to the Office of the Registrar by 5th May 2018.

You can also send the form (signed and scanned) via
email at :

NB. Kindly visit the Office of the Registrar to confirm your names and the contents of your file before submission to HEC for approval.

Forms can be downloaded in the Admission Menu Under Forms Download

For more details or inquiries ,

we may be contacted at:
Tel : 0788303386 / 0788303385