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Historical Background: University of Kigali is one of the leading private higher institutions of learning in Rwanda. It is a fully accredited /chartered University by the Government of Rwanda. Started its operations in October, 2013.

University of Kigali is located at Prester House, Kacyiru in Gasabo District opposite Top Tower Hotel about 3 Km from the City Centre. Due to its rapid expansion, the University now has a new campusin Musanze District, housed in the Prestigious RSSB Building where undergraduate and post graduate studies are offered.


University of Kigali main Campus at Kacyiru, Gasabo District in Kigali City.

The University has 3 faculties; namely, the faculty of Business Management and Economics, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.

The university started operations with 649 students in 2013 and has experienced rapid growth in enrollment to  6500 students in the undergraduate programmes and more than 1200 students in the post graduate programmes. They are pursuing their various academic programmes at the University of Kigali. The University has international students from Nigeria, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo, an indication of our internationalization drive towards excellence.

The uniqueness and added value of University of Kigali lies in the fact that it is a secular locally founded and supported university. The Institution is committed to providing critical and relevant quality university education with the goal of becoming a centre of Unequaled Holistic Education Excellency in Rwanda, the Great Lakes Region and Africa as a whole. The University believes in diversity in the creation and dissemination of critical knowledge, embedded in the richness and potential of the region as envisaged by its founders. The University upholds the highest integrity and professionalism in service delivery.


To provide quality higher education programmes that march the labour market and development needs of Rwanda for graduates who are capable of contributing to national economic and social needs and who can compete on the international labour market.


To be a pole of radiance and excellence nationally and internationally with its quality education, research and provision of innovative services to community.

Our Philosophy

UoK has the vision of being a pole of radiance and excellence with its quality education, research services to community, and utilization of new information and communication technologies.

Entry Requirements:

  1. For Undergraduate programmes

The following requirements must be fulfilled

  • REB University entry pass grade or its equivalent with an average grade C+ (C Plus) or its equivalent passed from at least eight subjects as one sitting drawn from subject clusters as stipulated by the Rwanda Education Board.
  • One of the following combination of passes in the REB University entry pass grade or its equivalent or Advanced Certificate level of the General Certificate of Education.
  • Two Principals or Advanced Level passes of at least Grade C obtained at the same sitting.
  • Two Principals or Advanced Level passes obtained at different sittings provided that both passes are of Grade C or Higher.


  • Applicants who have not taken any of the above examinations must produce acceptable documentary evidence of having passed an examination of equivalent standards by a signed statement of attainment from the last school or college attended or from the respective education authority.
  • Additional entry requirements as may be specified by respective faculties, schools or departments.
  1. For Post Graduate (Masters programmes)
  • Undergraduate degree or its equivalent notably 1st class, 2nd upper and 2nd lower with working experience of atleast one year.

Special features of learning at UoK

For both under graduate and post graduate programmes, these include among others; excellent levels of academic support, High qualified teaching staff with practical hands on experience, continuous assessment system used throughout all programmes so as to foster progressive learning, assignments, research studies, practical laboratory work and the final exam at the end of every module.

The University of Kigali also sponsors professional courses such as CPA (K), CPA (R), ACCA, CAT, CIFA, CPA, IPSAS, ATD, FIA and CIACPA, CISA, CIPS, ATC, etc. All are coordinated by UoK and examined by KASNEB and ICPAR for continuing students of UoK. Outsiders are also allowed to register for the programmes and study alongside our students

The University has three intakes in a year; JANUARY, MAY and SEPTEMBER intakes.

Mode of study:

University of Kigali provides flexibility to students to select the time of study that is appropriate for them depending on their interest and engagements elsewhere. There is Day, Evening and Weekend sessions to cater for the working class and those who get time only over weekends to undertake our academic programmes

Other facilities offered by the University include; Online and campus library, wireless internet access, fully equipped computer laboratory, state of the art lecture rooms, easy accessibility located in the city centre and conducive learning environment.

University of Kigali works towards building partnerships and synergies; there is a working MOU with premier institutions like Strathmore University (Kenya), professional bodies like KASNEB, CISCO ACADEMY, UNCTAN-vi and many other MOU’s in the pipeline.



  • 12th September, 2013 operational license granted.
  • 17thOctober, 2013, the university started its operations.
  • Progressive growth of student enrolment – From 649 students in 2013-2014 to over 4500 students in the 2016- 2017 academic year.
  • A total of more than 80 both academic, administrative and support staff.
  • Participation in National and Regional Higher education Activities (Exhibitions, workshops, Government organized seminars and Academic Forums etc).
  • Marketing of the University- In Print Media, TV, Radio, Digital Media Outlets and visits to both Public and Private Institutions for cooperation development etc.
  • Students registered and sat for professional courses and obtained over 75% pass rate.
  • Hosts Public lectures from various personalities and organizations (Private, public and international).
  • Launched 13 post graduate programs in April 2015 and already started teaching at the School of Post Graduate Studies at Kacyiru and its satellite campus in Musanze, Northern Rwanda.
  • Plans underway in establishing UoK Premises to house all its programmes and facilities.
  • An operational centre for Economic Governance and Leadership that is offering professional and executive programmes and short courses to meet the unique needs of both the public and private sectors in Rwanda and the Region.
  • A School of Accountancy has been established offering professional courses like CPA-K, CPA-R, ACCA, CAT, CIFA, CPA, IPSAS, ATD, FIA and CIA
  • Diversity in Human Resource: UoK has drawn staff from Rwanda but also tapped into the region to ensure that high quality staff is recruited and retained.
  • Partnerships with regional and international institutions like Strathmore University in Kenya, UNCTAD Virtual Institute, Confucius Institute of Chong king Normal University in China, Symbiosis International University of India, Kigali Public Library and more in the pipeline.


  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Commerce
  • Accounting Option
  • Finance Option
  • Marketing Option
  • Bachelor of Science with Honors in
  • Bachelor of Science with Honors in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science with Honors in Economics
  • Bachelor of Science with Honors in Finance
  • Bachelor of Science with Honors in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science with Honors in Procurement
  • Bachelor with Honors in Public Administration and Local Governance
  • Bachelor with Honors in
  • Bachelor with Honors in Information Technology(BIT)
  • Bachelor with Honors in Business Information Technology(BBIT)
  • Bachelor with Honors in Computer Science
  • Bachelor with Honors in Law(LLB)
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Development Education



  1. Master of Arts in Public Administration
  2. Master of Science in Procurement And Supply Chain Management
  3. Master of Science in Information Technology
  4. Master of Commerce
  5. Master of Science in Finance
  6. Master of Science in Project Management
  7. Master of Science in Human Resource Management
  8. Master of Science in Business Information Technology
  9. Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
  10. Master of Science In Economics
  11. Master In Public Policy and Management
  12. Executive Master of Business Administration
  13. Master in Business Administration
  14. Masters of Education Management and Administration
  15. Post Graduate Diploma in Education



  1. ACCA ( Association of chartered certified accountants)
  2. CAT( Certified Accounting Technician)
  3. CIFA ( Certified Investment Financial analyst)
  4. CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
  5. IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards)
  6. ATD(Accounting Technician Diploma)
  7. FIA (Foundation in Accounting)
  8. CIA (Certified Internal Auditor).



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Registration is open !

Registration for January 2018 intake is open for both Kigali and Musanze campuses

DON’T MISS! ENROLL NOW! LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE! Interested applicants can apply online on our website OR visit the office of the Registrar at our main campus, Prester House, Kacyiru in Kigali. Applicants in Musanze can visit our campus located at RSSB building.

For more details or inquiries , we may be contacted at: Tel : 0788303386 / 0788303385