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Dr. Alfred MWENEDATA-Dean of Faculty of Law


Welcome to the University of Kigali Faculty of Law. Our Law School is a truly special environment, a vibrant intellectual community that is home to a diverse range of ideas and approaches; where talented students, faculty, and staff work together to build a creative and supportive place in which to study and work. Our faculty members are leaders in their fields as well as dedicated teachers; our students bring excellence and commitment to their studies and to a wide range of causes. In this unique learning environment the University of Kigali Faculty of Law offers, I believe, the best legal education in the country.

The Faculty’s stature rests on the excellence and diversity of our teaching faculty and students. We offer students the best possible learning experience and we work continuously to stay at the forefront of national and international developments in legal education.

Candidates have the opportunity to provide the Academic Registrar’s office with a range of information which supports their application for entry. Candidates must submit the copy of their S6 Academic Certificate with two principles passes as an admission requirement number one.

Carrier opportunities for the prospective lawyers

There are many types of legal practices and organizations employing lawyers. Law graduates are encouraged to do their research to find the best type for their carriers. The following descriptions include the job opportunities for the prospective legal professionals: a) Solicitor; b) Barrister; c) Court system (judge, judge’s associate, magistrate, court’s support staff: registrars, legal assistants, law clerks, legal executives…); d) Corporate sector (legal advisers in private legal departments); e) Government Sector (officials in government departments, statutory authorities, regulatory bodies…); f) Civil society sector (i.e. human rights organizations…); g) International Organizations (United Nations agencies, INGOS, etc.); h) Legal aid sector (services include administration and business roles, community legal education and publishing, law reform and policy development, legal work, social work,…); i) Academia (lawyers are also involved in academics or legal education service/activity); h) Legal publishing (specialists in legal publishing houses. Their products include loose-leaf publications, CD products, books and articles, newsletters and online information).

Faculty of Law full time staff: names and academic titles of the faculty

S/N Names Academic title Area of specialization
1 Dr. Alfred MWENEDATA Senior Lecturer PhD in International law (National University of Ireland, NUIG)
2 David RUGAZA Lecturer LLM in Human rights law (University of Makerere)
3. IDI GAPARAYI Lecturer Pending
4 Viateur BANGAYANDUSHA Lecturer LLM in Human rights, economic integration and EAC law (University of Dar es Salaam)



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