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MANISHIMWE Pierrette, Dean of Students

As University of Kigali, our ultimate mandate is providing holistic education which enables competence in both academics and career building balanced with a high sense of social responsibility. Science and conscience collide here. The office of Students Services operate as liaison between students- students; students- Administration ; students and stakeholders at large to ensure that students are offered quality services in time with their right as students and on top of all their rights as human beings who hold the power to positively change the future of our nation, region and the earth.


Our services are clustered as follows:


  • Encouraging all students to comply with the health requirements, as laid down by the university from time to time.
  • Providing elementary first aids in case of minor injury shocks.
  • Assisting in emergencies through liaising with parents/guardians or any other next of kin and taking the student to a health facility.
  • Family planning services and preventing undesired pregnancies
  • Caretaking for students with health problem


Mentorship and counseling

  • Improve the psychological well-being of all student;
  • Supporting and sympathizing during difficult time;
  • Leadership and mentorship sessions for social fabric
  • Building social responsibility among students
  • Enhancing self- esteem and positive thinking
  • Enforcing discipline
  • Providing career guidance and self reshaping advices. advised to avail themselves for these services.


Sports and recreation

  • Organizing sport activities;
  • Planning extra curriculum activities to build the students soft skills
  • Liaising with stakeholders for channeling interuniversity activities authorities.


  • Coordinating students club and association.
  • Facilitating and controlling students club initiatives and projects.
  • Encouraging developing their social intelligence by intranetworking

Open Clubs:

  • Lawyers of hope
  • Drama club
  • Poet club
  • Guitar Club
  • Think UoK (debate club)
  • Silicon (IT club)
  • Cercle des stars
  • Swimming club

For further details from the office of the Dean of Students, contacts: or  Tel: 0787575362.


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