Why train with us?

Why Train with us

In an ever changing and fast paced corporate world, training and development is an indispensable function. Training and expert consulting present a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees and any company or organization that aims at progressing will smile at the mention of the programs University of Kigali, Centre for Economic Governance (UoK-CEGL) is placing on the table. We welcome you to the Centre for Better Coaching!!!

Like other African countries, Rwanda is facing the challenge of enhancing its level of human resource development. Access to capacity building solutions at the right expertise and professional level remain low; both in the private and public sector institutions. Rwanda and the country leadership strongly recognize that human capital development is a precondition to transforming the country into a prosperous, wealthy and healthy nation. Rwanda is committed to good public financial governance and to the private corporate governance which are considered prerequisites to a sustainable economic growth.

The goal of UoK-CEGL is to offer strategic, measurable and effective training tailored to clients’ specific needs at three levels: individual, organization and institution. UoK-CEGL embraces the Rwanda’s vision to develop the capacity of private and public sector institutions in order to build a prosperous, wealthy and healthy nation particularly in the area of economic governance, financial management and leadership.

To this end, UoK-CEGL is providing companies and government’s executives with tailored training programs that meet their needs and enable them to improve performance. One of its main approaches of training takes the form of short term training for private and public sector executives.

UoK-CEGL’s approach is built on six pillars:

  • Excellence: The Centre strives to become a Centre of Excellence that offer high quality training programs that meet clients’ expectations and equip them with practical skills that are instrumental for  the development of their institutions
  • Sustainable results: The Centre seeks to produce capable executives that will continuously apply the acquired knowledge to advance the agenda of their institutions, adapt to new challenges and create a lasting impact for the country and beyond.
  • Customization: The Centre adapts its programs to the real needs and requirements of clients to make them relevant and up-to-date.
  • Partnership: The Centre creates partnerships with similar institutions and other allies on local, regional and international level, and cooperates with them to advance their mutual interests.
  • Cost effective: The Centre offers competitive rates to its clients while providing proven quality services.

Long term relationship: The Centre develops and maintains mutual beneficial relationships with its stakeholders who are crucial for its success.

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