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 prof-tamwesigeAssociate Professor Caleb Tamwesigire, PhD

The Directorate is headed by Associate Professor Caleb Tamwesigire, PhD. He brings experience of 18years of academic teaching in Higher Institutions of Learning. He served as the Head of Department in Makerere University Business School, Senior Lecturer, Associate Dean of Faculty of Faculty of Commerce and Applied Economics, Director Academic quality, University of Rwanda for 6 years. He has served as a member of the University Senate, Executive Council and various committees of the University. He has supervised over 300 Masters and 3 PhD research students to their successful completion.

He is an Audit Review specialist for the Higher Education Council of Rwanda; and he is a member of the Inter University Council for East Africa Quality Assurance Network forum.

His past and current research interests are in trade policy, regional economic integration and sustainable natural resource management. He has presented papers at conferences and workshops/seminars.

He has published several articles in international refereed journal; the recent in 2016 published by Springer’s on financial development growth nexus in Rwanda and in print is Fiscal effects on foreign aid in Rwanda. He has two monographs in pipeline for publication Research methods text book and Regional Economic Integration.

Assoc. Professor has past working experience with multinational, international and public sector organizations as an expert and consultant.


Mandate and aims of Directorate For Academic Quality And Research:

The mandate of the Directorate for Academic Quality Assurance and Research is twofold: to ensure Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement in the implementation of UOK- wide academic policies, regulations and guidelines. The Directorate implements the University quality assurance policy framework safeguards and coordinates and supervises all activities related to academic teaching, learning and assessment standards in the University.

Secondly, the Directorate is also responsible for backstopping the academic and institutional research,   publications and evaluation of research grants.




Deputy Director, Quality Assurance and Research.

Deputy Director and coordinator evening and weekend programmes. Herbert is a Masters researcher (computer systems) at Jomo Kenyatta University of agriculture and technology. He has a post graduate Honors degree in Mathematics and applied mathematics from Rhodes University, South Africa; April 2012, Bachelor of Science with education in Mathematics and Physics from Mbarara University of science and technology, Uganda; January 2009.

Herbert has been working with University of Kigali since January, 2014.  He was appointed a coordinator weekend and evening programmes on top of his teaching role in January 2015, a post he held until august 2015.  He served as a deputy principal-Musanze Campus (acting capacity) from September 2015 to January 2016 and was appointed to the current position in February 2016.

He tutored at Rhodes University in the department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics in 2011, worked as shelving assistant in Rhodes University library early 2012.

He also served as a high school teacher (Physics and Mathematics) at Fawe girls’ school, Rwanda, 2010 and in his final year, 2008 he taught at Ntare School in Uganda.

The Directorate also reviews the curriculum regularly to ensure that standard programmes are offered in order for the promotion and maintenance of quality standards at the University.

For further details on the Directorate of Quality and Research, contacts: 0782346162 or , Tel: 0788812736



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