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Law makers from the Lower Chamber of Deputies commission for Education, Science, Culture and Youth Affairs, Tuesday 21 November, 2017 visited University of Kigali at its main campus in Kacyiru.

The delegation  was led by the Commission’s Vice President, Hon. NYIRAHIRWA Veneranda, accompanied by members; Hon. UWULINGIYIMANA Philibert, Hon Eda MUKABAGWIZA and Hon. Atanasia GAHONDOGO. Present also were: Gasabo District Education Officer, Mr. KIMENYI Barakare and Speciose AYINKAMINYE, a senior legal officer from the Rwandan Parliament.

The MPs were at the University as part of their duty to evaluate the performance of Higher Institutions of Learning through meetings with Students, Staff and Management to share their experience, achievement and challenges.


From Left to right: Mr. AFRIKA Philibert, UoK Executive Chairman, Mr. KIMENYI Barakare, Gasabo District Education Officer, In the middle Prof. NSHUTI Manasseh, UoK Chairman Board of Promoters, Hon. NYIRAHIRWA Veneranda and extreme left: Hon. Edda MUKABAGWIZA and Hon. Atanasia GAHONDOGO at UoK’s main campus in Kacyiru-Kigali.


In her remarks, the Commission Vice chairperson, Hon. NYIRAHIRWA Veneranda, said that Rwanda has a targeted vision to be a middle income economy based on knowledge in different sectors and this cannot be achieved without a sound human resource base.

‘’ We are here to assess the work of UoK in general including; finding out if the programs you offer address the labour market demands, your level of participation in community work, the level of Research carried out to address society problems and also your working relationships with different organs of the government and the civil society” said the law maker.

She also pointed out that the commission she heads was very much concerned about the quality of graduates from various universities, that is currently being questionable by many employers and which strategies can be undertaken to address the issue. “What we shall discuss here will help us to improve the education sector in the country’’, emphasized Hon. Nyirahirwa.

In his remarks, Prof. NSHUTI Manasseh, The University’s Board of Promoters chairman, welcomed the visitors and briefed them on the historical background of the University. He told the Law makers that, despite 4 years on the road, UoK had registered tremendous progress in enrollment, academic infrastructure and quality programs development. He added that all this was geared towards quality enhancement and making the Institution, a centre of excellence, that provides professionals ready for the job market and to contribute to the country’s social and economic transformation.

On the concerns raised by the MPs in relation to their visit, Prof. Nshuti told the Law Makers that the University had an obligation of ensuring that it promotes quality programs and also be part of the process geared towards implementing the country’s development policies.

‘We as promoters established this Institution not only to teach students but also to develop the research policy that would contribute in addressing the social and economic problems that our society is facing. In addition, our programs were carefully thought off in regards to the labour market demands and we operate them only after approval from the Higher Education Council’’, said Prof. Nshuti, a senior academician and education manager.

The University’s chairman, Board of Promoters also emphasized that the Institution’s strategy was to train job creators not job seekers and this would be achievable as the necessary infrastructure has been put in place.

In his closing remarks, Mr. AFRIKA Philibert, the University’s chairman, Board of Directors, emphasized that in its drive towards quality, the Institution has recruited lecturers from different parts of the world to ensure that students are equipped with good knowledge and skills. He also pointed that the University was in partnership with other international institutions to promote collaboration in the development of research, mentioning UoK’s role in contributing to the implementation of sustainable development goals in Rwanda.

The Law makers also took time to inspect some of the existing academic infrastructures including the lecture theaters, the main library and the computer laboratories that are well equipped to support the students. They were impressed by the University’s quick progress within the shortest possible time of four years.


Officials from both sides listening to each other during the discussions at the main campus in Kacyiru.

The meeting was attended by other University promoters, the acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Danson MUSYOKI, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Prof. Murty KOPPARTHI, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and School of Post Graduate Studies, Dr. Lydia EMURON, the University Administrator, Mr. Paul Jules NDAMAGE, the Director of Communication and Public Relations and Acting Dean of Students, Mr. KAMURU Charles, other University officials,  Lecturers, the Guild President and students from various faculties.





Participants at the meeting at the University’s main campus in Kacyiru-Kigali.





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