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University of Kigali will do everything that is required, whether to inject more resources or take various measures towards the promotion of educational excellence and quality standards to ensure that the students who complete at the University from the Undergraduate and Masters level become real professionals with sufficient knowledge and skills to bring a big difference on the job market in Rwanda and even the region as a whole.

This was said on Wednesday November 8, 2017, by Prof. Nshuti Manasseh, the University’s chairman of board of promoters while addressing about 50 Lecturers that teach different courses in the undergraduate programmes.

‘’ The Promoters started this Institution with a purpose of educating Rwandans and providing them with quality education so that they become well trained and knowledgeable professionals. To achieve this, I urge you to change your mindset and drive it towards the promotion of quality, through your teaching methodology and provision of exams that can real test our students and make them some of the best professionals on the Rwandan Job market “said Prof. Nshuti, a senior academician and education manager.



From Left to Right: Dr Lydia EMURON, DVCR/PGS, Prof. Murty KOPPARTHI, DVCA, Prof. Danson MUSYOKI, Ag. VC, Prof. Nshuti Manasseh, Chairman, Board of Promoters and extreme right: Mr. Afrika Philibert, Chairman, Board of Directors and Afrika Marie Jeanne, the University Counselor  

He pointed out that the University was growing first and there was  need to put in place mechanisms to ensure that quality education is provided to these young Rwandans so that they can transform society and even make their lives better.  

He cautioned lecturers that they should intensify their efforts in teaching students how to prepare for exams to avoid unnecessary failures that could discourage them to embark on serious reading.

‘Encourage them to read hard and utilize the existing academic facilities at their disposal like the library and the computer laboratories. This will enable them to do research and prepare extensively for the exams”, added Prof. Nshuti.

He warned some of the lecturers that do not take their work seriously in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities and behaving unethically that the University will not bear such kind of behavior and tough measures could be undertaken to address such situations.

The UoK Chairman of the Board of Promoters revealed that the university has a strategy of building the capacity of lecturers where mechanisms are in place to organize seminars, workshops and various trainings to equip the lecturers with additional knowledge in teaching and research.

In his remarks, Mr. AFRIKA Philibert, Chairman Board of Directors, advised the lecturers to work hard towards the achievement of the university goals and objectives. “We need to create a culture of success. The biggest reward you can get from a university is becoming a professor. Let’s work together and strive for quality and excellence,’’ said Mr. Afrika.

He also underscored the importance of human resource capacity building to ensure that the university has professionals who can work towards the promotion of the required academic standards and quality.

The meeting was also attended by the Ag Vice Chancellor, Prof. Danson MUSYOKI, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Prof. Murty KOPPARTHI, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Post Graduate School, Dr. Lydia EMURON and other University senior management officials.



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