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Two law makers from the Rwandan Upper Chamber of Deputies, the Senate, Hon. Jacqueline MUHONGAYIRE and Hon. MUSHINZIMANA Apollinaire, both from the senate’s standing committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security,  Thursday  May, 25, 2017 delivered a public lecture on the Fundamental Principles of the Republic of Rwanda at University of Kigali’s main campus located at Kacyiru in Kigali.

This address is within the frame work of collaboration between Higher Institutions of Learning and the Senate, in which senators delivered lectures on this subject matter at different universities and high institutions of learning in different parts of the country.

1mFrom Left to right: Ag Vice Chancellor, Prof Danson MUSYOKI, Hon. MUSHINZIMANA Appolinaire , Mr. AFRIKA Philibert, UoK Executive Chairman, Hon. Jacquelline MUHONGAYIRE, AFRIKA Marie Jeanne, Student Conselor and extreme right, Mr. Sam AINE, one of the promoters. Standing at the back, on the left, Mr. Paul Jules NDAMAGE, UoK Administrator and Mr. Viater BANGAYANDUSHYA, a lecturer from the Faculty of Law.

In his welcoming remarks, Mr. AFRIKA Philibert, Chairman of the University’s Board of Directors, who was accompanied by other Promoters, Ag Vice Chancellor, Prof. Danson MUSYOKI, the University Administrator, Mr. Paul Jules NDAMAGE and other University Officials, thanked the law makers for having spared their time to come and address the Staff and Students on this crucial matter that concerns everybody in the country.

‘’ Let’s talk about this important matter. It enlightens us more about the Constitution of  our country  and in particular makes our students to get more understanding about the fundamental principles of the Republic of Rwanda and how they have laid foundation for the country’s social, economic and political Development, ‘’ said Mr. AFRIKA, one of the University Promoters.

He added that the University, was not only teaching students academics but also ensure that they are provided with knowledge about the history of their country. “Indeed in the near future, we shall make it our duty to teach the students matters related to the Rwandan Constitution, “pointed out the Executive Chairman.

In their lecture, both the senators told the students that due to the bad history of the country, article 10 of the Rwandan Constitution was developed basing on the opinions of the people to address key issues that were affecting the country, mainly of the past bad politics nature.

“ As stipulated in article 10 of the Rwandan Constitution, the fundamental principles of the Republic of Rwanda are aimed at the promotion of Good Governance, suitable to address the social, economic and political problems that characterized our society for a long time,’’ said Hon. Jacqueline MUHONGAYIRE.

2mHon. Jacqueline MUHONGAYIRE, outlining article 10 of the Rwandan Constitution.

Another Senator, Hon MUSHINZIMANA Apollinaire, briefed the students on the origin of the Rwandan Senate and the reasons why it was set up, outlining that it was established to supervise the implementation of the fundamental principles of the Republic of Rwanda.

‘’ The senate has made a lot of achievements since it started its operations among others; enacting laws that punish the genocide crime and its ideology. For example the genocide ideology that was at 80% between 1995 and 1999 reduced to 16% between 2010-2015,” emphasized the law maker.

3mUniversity promoters, officials, staff and some of the students listening to Hon. MUSHINZIMANA Apollinaire during the lecture at one of UoK’s main halls, main campus, Kacyiru-Kigali.

Finally the senators explained to promoters , management, staff and the students the elements of the fundamental principles as stipulated in article 10 of the Rwandan constitution that include among others; Strategic planning, efficient management of the country’s wealth, quality and equitable education and poverty eradication.

This lecture was also attended by Mr. Sam AINE, one of the promoters, AFRIKA Marie Jeanne, the Student counselor, KAMURU Charles, Lecturer and Director of Communication and Public Relations, Pierette MANISHIMWE, the Dean of Students and other University officials.


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