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On behalf of the University of Kigali Board of Promoters, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the University of Kigali (UoK).

In 2013, with the belief that when the youth are positively impacted, the impact will be felt at the society level, we took the bold step of starting a University that serves the youth in Rwanda. It is this strong belief that

continues to propel the sta and students of UoK to strive for excellence.

At the University of Kigali, we provide an enabling environment for developing innovative solutions for achieving transformation, through education, research and collaboration; and we go a step further by bringing together industry, government, and other academia to cooperate in determining and contributing to areas in need of change.

Our University is designed to be a rst-class institution; that o ers the highest quality academic programmes designed to empower our young graduates with the skills and capacity that will make them successful on local and international job markets. We are proud of our International students and sta who are our ambassadors outside Rwanda.

The education that we o er is reinforced to global standards with international accreditation through the combination of our degrees with professional courses.

We are not only aspiring to provide our students with uncompromising high-quality education, discipline, and integrity be tting them; we are also passionately committed to being a place that allows them to ourish, and above all, to explore and discover their talents and passions.

Prof. Manasseh Nshuti

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board of Promoters 


Registration is open !

Registration for January 2018 intake is open for both Kigali and Musanze campuses

DON’T MISS! ENROLL NOW! LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE! Interested applicants can apply online on our website OR visit the office of the Registrar at our main campus, Prester House, Kacyiru in Kigali. Applicants in Musanze can visit our campus located at RSSB building.

For more details or inquiries , we may be contacted at: Tel : 0788303386 / 0788303385


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